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True Shop - program to account for goods in the shop. Suitable for automation of small shops, as well as for the automation of the trading network.

Ideal for:

- Clothing store;

- Auto parts store;

- Stationery shops;

- Store building materials;

- Store parts and households. goods;

- Boutique aksseccuarov;

- Store beer;

- Any small and medium-sized stores.

Key features:

- Entry of goods for sale and the return of goods. Discount cards;

- Inventory;

- Work in the local network and via the Internet, a special mode for slow communication channels;

- Support for barcode scanners (as RS232, and keyboard);

- Support for printers, cash registers and checks;

- Automation of the branch network with the ability to exchange data;

- Security, and the rights of users, the password to the program;

- Protection from browsing cost sellers;

- Unloading goods at the store´s website;

- Price tag printing with ordinary printers and label printers.

Advantages of the program:

- The transparency of business processes in the store;

- Preventing theft of staff;

- Exemption from routine operations.
The demo version can be downloaded at the following address: (35 MB)

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