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The book includes two collections of short stories of the famous writer Andrei Nekrasov (author of the children´s story "The Adventures of Captain Vrungel"): "Marine boots" and "Stories of the old boatswain," written with great skill and knowledge of the matter. All the stories somehow combined the "sea" theme. Contents: 1) "Marine boots": boots Marine; Gold tooth; Sixty-four; Bone box; Belushonok; Bottle with "Yakut Red"; Viking descendant; Happy old man; Bandit; Cape Muhtyl. 2) "The stories of the old boatswain ´: Shooter; Saboteur; Rooster word.
File format Word. Excerpt: "...- Bandit, I would never have done it. You know, the beast that I owe you. But the two of us I need now those guys who were on the "Chukotka." Crooks, dear, you really forgive me turn away, I´ll shoot you, eat a piece of meat and then I will go sometime. Do not look, Bandit, turn away. Well soon - said Vladimir again, but did not turn away Bandit. He watched her intelligent eyes straight Volodya´s face, and the thought Bandit understood ... "Download: Andrei Nekrasov. Marine boots. Stories old boatswain.
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