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VISA VIRTUAL (US BANK) with a balance of $ 10Attention! 3DSecure is not connected to the card, no confirmation or SMS with a code is required when performing card transactions! The map is completely autonomous. </ Attention>
This card is issued by AMERICAN BANK (USA). The map is focused primarily for US and EU merchants, guarantees its patency in services from Russia and other countries NO.

This is a virtual prepaid card designed exclusively for purchases on the Internet; The card is a complete analog of the usual plastic Visa, but only in electronic form.

When you purchase, you automatically receive the card details: a unique sixteen-digit card number, CVV2 code and expiration date of the card (expiry date).

- Use a proxy or VPN with the ip-address of the country that you specify in the "Address" line;
- Specify the address in the format that is adopted in the United States or European countries, preferably a real one;
- Use English versions of the OS and browser (in which Cookies and Java should be included).By default, the following data is attached to the map (use it if your data does not pass):
Name: IVAN IVANOV, Country: Russian Federation, City: MOSCOW, Address: LENINA 77-50, Zip Code: 111395
This data can be changed to any other for specifically your purchased card, contact us if necessary. </ delivery>
It is recommended to buy a card with a margin of a few dollars (minimum 1) in case of pre-authorization of the card by the service where you use it, possible hidden fees or other surprises.
TESTED: PayPal UA, AirBNB US, ASOS, Amazon, 2checkout, NameCheap, Shopfans, Google Adwords, Sporify US,,, Hostblast, Facebook Ads,, Google Play, AirBnb US, ...attentionAttention! Due to the nature of the issuing bank for the issue of these cards, refund is possible ONLY within the nominal of the card, and then, in EXCLUSIVE cases, by making a purchase you agree to this condition of the transaction </ attention>
attentionBank: US
Self-recharge cards: NO
3D Secure technology: NO
Conversion to any currency: YES (consider the possible bank commission!)
Refund balance: NO
Extract and balance: YES (free, contact us)
</ attention>

We offer the best prices! Long-term reputation of a reliable seller, an individual approach to each client.

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Thank you for using our service! :)
15.09.2019 17:45:19
all works! spasibo!
13.09.2019 11:18:09
сначала платеж не прошел изза проверки billing address, но продавец все оперативно подкорректировал и все заработало. спасибо
30.08.2019 18:51:44
все ок
17.06.2019 19:18:25
Супер отзывчивый продавец. Работу знает чётко. Рекомендую.
15.05.2019 20:07:42

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