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NOTE: This oxbow lake you can buy gold only on the server:

Gold is mined in the game allowed the game mechanics methods, ie without the use of bots and cloning of the things that warrants further problems due to the purchase of gold.

Ordering and delivery of gold:

1. Pay for your purchase, in the upper right side of the page you can enter the amount of gold or the amount of the purchase and choose a convenient payment method gold ArcheAge. Follow the instructions.

2. After the payment you will receive a unique 16-digit code.

3. Provide a unique code, the game server and the nickname of the character to the operator. It should be contacted by the Inland chat, Skype or ICQ, the information specified in the about me page:

4. As a rule, for 5 minutes then you will be sent by mail in-game gold.
Are kindly requested to carefully check the spelling of your character´s nickname, as in the case of an error, the gold will be sent to the wrong character.

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