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After payment dy get GIFT BANDLE to activate complement Sid Meier´s Civilization V: Scrambled Continents DLC in STEAM (REGION FREE, MULTILANG)

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A set of cards "Placer Continents" - a real geographic features and special scripts that create internal spaces randomly from the start of each new game. Although the familiar outlines of the continents is not going away, the internal content of the world is changing with every game that leads to endless replay value, because the number of possible worlds defies account. The maps include Africa, Asia, North and South America, Western Europe, Middle East, thawed Antarctica, new scripted cards with small continents and oceans, as well as a map that is at once all the continents of the Earth.

1. Go for the download link. If you can not move, copy the link into your browser.

2. Press the "Click here for your Steam keys."

3. Press the front of any Steam games.

4. Go to the link "connect to Steam" and log in.

5. All games will be activated on your account.
13.08.2019 12:23:17
купил 2 ключа, оба активировались
11.04.2018 2:07:36
16.12.2016 19:57:56
все ок, быстро и без проблем, рекомендую
05.05.2016 23:04:17
Всё в норме!
01.03.2016 5:51:56
27.02.2016 13:56:17
Спасибо. Получил оперативно, проблем с активацией нет. Рекомендую.
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