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The recommended form of the calculation of the total value of precious metals and precious stones contained in exported goods (Decision of the College of ECE from 16.08.2012 N 134)
Calculation of liquidity. Form N 2809 (monthly) (Resolution of the Board National Bank of 31.10.2006 N 172)
Report on the status of settlements (Form 12-F (calculated) (monthly, urgent)) (Decision of the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus of 15.01.2014 N 9)
The calculation of regulatory capital adequacy. Form N 2801 (monthly) (Resolution of the Board National Bank of 31.10.2006 N 172)
The standard form of calculation of the need for budget appropriations for the reimbursement of expenses associated with the provision of public services to the popu
Consolidated calculation of maximum allowable losses when the wine product processed (Form P-51) (Order of the Ministry of Agriculture on 30.06.2011 N 262)
Information about payment for the purchased agricultural products for state needs (Form (11 times a year)) (Order Belgospischeprom Republic of Belarus 28.11.2013 N 310)
Calculating costs of the statutory activities of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Form 1-59 (Decree of the Ministry of Finance 15.10.2010 N 111)
Calculation of expenses for the development of material and technical base of public research organizations. Form 1-60 (Decree of the Ministry of Finance 15.10.2010 N 111)
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