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✅ Extended Warranty:Standard warranty - 3 months, but you can buy an extended warranty on VPN.

📌What is it for?

After 3 months the replacement of the key is not provided (and the subscription always works a random amount of time) and can stop automatically renewed at any time.
With add. guarantee you can contact the "Correspondence with the seller" and get a new key, while the guarantee price is cheaper than the cost of a new key.
Replacement key under the extended warranty is issued only because of the end of the subscription on your past key_________



The standard ExpressVPN tariff is $ 12.95 for ONE month.
We offer several months for only ~7$. - INCREDIBLE savings!6 reasons for choosing ExpressVPN:⭐ Incredible VPN connection speed
A huge network of 1700+ VPN servers worldwide is optimized for fast connection. Unlimited bandwidth and no speed control.

⭐ Easy-to-use VPN applications for Windows, Mac, iOS
Download, install and connect to ExpressVPN with one click.

⭐ No restrictions
With the help of our servers in all corners of the Earth and the IP address, hidden from prying eyes, you can download, watch and listen to anything.

⭐ Offshore privacy protection
The company´s headquarters is located in the British Virgin Islands - a tropical oasis, where there is no law on data storage. We guarantee no registration of online activity and connections.

⭐ Maximum security
Protect your devices from hacking and snooping using the AES-256 encryption algorithm, DNS / IPv6 leak protection, emergency shutdown and split tunneling.

⭐ More than 148 locations of VPN servers ... and their number continues to grow!
You can choose from any of 148 cities in 94 countries. Unlimited speed and number of switches between servers provide connection anywhere in the📝What to do after purchase:
1. After purchasing this product, you will receive a key and ExpressVPN for PC | Mac
2. Install the program, enter the key and that´s it!/deliveryattention❗ Warranty key - 3 months/attention
- ExpressVPN Key #1 [until a certain date, look in the product name] Windows | Mac 🔥 -
- ExpressVPN Key #2 [until a certain date, look at the product name] Windows | Mac 🔥 -
- ExpressVPN Key #3 [until a certain date, look at the product name] Windows | Mac 🔥 -
12.08.2019 14:11:16
Очень быстро заменил ключ, и в целом очень приятный в общении человек. Спасибо=)
29.07.2019 17:28:49
Fast and good!
14.07.2019 18:32:59
11.07.2019 17:23:04
Fast delivery. VPN work with no problems. happy costumer here
18.06.2019 23:55:20
18.06.2019 23:54:47
18.06.2019 23:54:05
15.06.2019 15:51:44
Свою стоимость отработал сполна! Доволен)
14.06.2019 11:51:26
все отлично!все работает!
13.06.2019 18:43:14
Very good product for the price, I still have very fast internet when I turn the VPN on, and I have been using it for almost 1 month without any problems,

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