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B1 B1 "Lay" Images of princes. The idea of \u200b\u200bpatriotism. Reading passages by heart.

B1 B2 The idea of \u200b\u200ba free man in the story Gorky "Old Isergil

B2 B1 fantastic and the real in the story of Bulgakov "Cobache heart"

B2 B2 Strange Love for the fatherland (Lermontov "Homeland")

B3 B1 "Million agony Chatsky" Griboyedov in the comedy "Woe from Wit". Memorized monologue Chatsky

B2 B3 is your favorite character from the works of the XX century (Rus. Literature)

B4 B1 satirical comedy Fonvizin orientation "Oaf." What vices, shortcomings ridicules author?

B4 B2 is your favorite poet. Reading by heart.

B5 B1 glorification of science education in the works of Lomonosov

B5 B2 Nikolai Karamzin "Poor Liza" Characters of the main characters. The main idea of \u200b\u200bthe story.

That's not a big list of tickets. Only 25 tickets for 2 in every issue. Do not look for answers in the internet, decent answers, you will not find !!! These responses were written by the teacher a lot of money. In addition, $ 1 is not such a big amount compared with the one I paid.
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