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Only for firmware 1.1.4!

The package includes:

1) Full Russification additions and corrections to the forum IphoneApps. Made almost from scratch, all files changed. Fixed stylistics

as well as all components of Service Pack 1 for IPhone from Darkmena (Darkmen):

2) Russian Keyboard Input v1.2

3) Dynamic strip search for contacts: Display on a strip search only those letters, which have contacts (by default there are letters A..Z)

4) Russian section in the Address Book: correcting the sort key to the formation of Russian contacts (by default all Russian contacts fall within section 123)

5) Russian section in iPod: fix capital formation sections for Russian letters (by default all names starting with an uppercase Russian letters fall into segtsiyu 123)

6) Search for the destination SMS and Email: fix the contact search by name (by default are only the Russian contacts, which contains the name)

Correction Prognosis: standard application now works for any active language (not allowed to add city if Russian language interface)

7) Caller: recorded in a format your phone +7 (095) 123-45-67 will be matched with a set of 8 (095) 123-45-67 for Russia and +38 (067) 123-45-67 8 (067) 123-45-67 Ukraine (formats instead entered the United States and Canada, respectively, remaining unchanged)

8) Settings for all the major operators in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan (including EDGE, and logos).

9) Set the time zone for all the major cities in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Kazakhstan. (With translation)

10) Russian font for the Notes

11) Definition of regions for incoming calls (CallData).

12) Russian font for main menu, optimized so that all inscriptions placed on the screen. Including the "Unlock".

13) Fix for "dumps" Wi-Fi at the exit to the SpringBoard and correcting save.
This is not a "Russian project".

In arhie is only manual and links to the necessary programs.

No responsibility for the use, I am not.
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