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1. Support services AIM / MobileMe, MSN / Windows Live, Yahoo !, GoogleTalk, MySpace, ICQ and Jabber.

2. Saves battery charging.

3. The connection remains active even after you exit the application (there is instant notification of the arrival of a new message).

4. Complete similarity desktop IM-client and an intuitive user interface.

5. Fast switching between windows chats.

6. Support for Unicode, the ability to converse in any language.

7. Work in horizontal mode with an enlarged keyboard.

8. Logging and log files of correspondence.

9. Sending SMS, full integration with the address book.

10. Active work with contacts: add / remove formation / sorting groups, block, enable / disable authorization, search for contacts.

11. Control of the status of: Automatic status "away", mode "invisible" and installing your own status messages.

12. Set up alerts, set your own sounds and vibration settings.

13. Supports icons, avatars of friends and view their own setting.
Year: 2008

Version: 1.0.1

System requirements: 2.h.h

Format: * .ipa
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