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I enjoy fiction, you love horror stories? Do you like Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Gabriel Marquez? Read Marat Kabirov - is something that should be !!

Novels and stories Marat Kabirov will make you step into the abyss of their own fears and nightmares. You will feel terror and admiration. You will feel pain. But you will be satisfied.

The format of the book:


In the hands of an old woman begging Fatima give a brand new thousandth bill. Do not expect such a gift Fatima has time only to see the back of his benefactor. Unknown in a black jacket. Recently, the man watched her. The old woman tried to overtake him, but not in time.

Returning to the hostel, the old lady collects all the money and rushing to pay debts apartment. Otherwise, all propet Radik. No confidence in his son. But suddenly it becomes aware that someone else has already covered all the debts and even pay in advance. Who?

A small village in the Moscow region. Saying goodbye to the brothers, Father Michael crossed the threshold of the church and went to the advance prismotrennuyu apartment. Here, he prepares himself for a life - clean, cuts hair, shaved ... soon to come, and his youngest son's favorite - Anna. The man remembers the past, recalls all mental conflicts, forced him to break with the church. And then he suddenly saw him. The one - a black jacket, sunglasses ... Michael rushes into the street. But the man in black jacket suddenly disappears. Proiskav it for a while, Michael went back into the house. Seeing an envelope on the table, the man froze. Despite the fact that in the "To" indicated a very different name, it was intended that envelope - Michael ...

The chain of mysterious events leading four men on a mysterious island. The island, which becomes a source of nightmares ...


This is not only a fascinating read that will give you a lot of thrills and unforgettable experience, and a deep sense of pleasure. This book will change your life. You will discover a new side of himself. You'll find his angel and learn to control destiny. Buy the book today and find out the name of your angel!

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